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There is, alas, at least one OED definition that perhaps reflects the intended usage of the expression "gay pride" and that seems to resonate with its connotations. Soul is in the musical. We also propose that we contact Homophile organizations throughout the country and suggest that they hold parallel demonstrations on that day. Retrieved from " https: When I came to the point where I was actively gay it took a bit of time to get comfortable and come out but I felt ready for whatever came my way.

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Harrington Park Press.

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Department of the Interior. Tegan Quin says: The word pride is used in this case an antonym for shamewhich has been used to control and oppress LGBT persons throughout history. I might want to have sex with other gay men, sure.

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To many Christians, pride is the worst sin of all because placing oneself above others conflicts with spiritual egalitarianism.

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