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Her plan all along had been to get top surgery, too, and the initially promising effects of the hormones helped persuade her to continue on this path. Trying new things like crossdressing, realizing that they worked, they connected, but were never enough. I know that a lot of times it seems like it would be easier just to give up. A decade ago, the opposite was true. Thankfully, protections are emerging so we don't depend on folks deciding to "do the right thing.

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We live in a part of the country where we have access to resources.

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In text messages and Google Docs from when he was 16, Kashuv allegedly used the word nigger repeatedly, made crass remarks about women, and used other racist and anti-Semitic language. Program Analyst. The summer before high school I told my mom that i was a boy and she pretty much said i know. Instead of losing my career, I became the first U.

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Orion believed that additional weight went straight to his hips and chest, accentuating his feminine features.

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