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Well I'm going to stop talking about nothing now and get on with the story so here it is. I do hope you the reader enjoy it! The red head laid there, shirtless and restrained, his pants zipped open as they rested just below his narrow hips. Hiei continued to move his finger in and out, eventually adding two more, spreading them as wide as he could. And they pick either from their group or some other group that has a miscount in party members

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He looked Kurama in the eyes, them being at the same height, even if he was sitting in a chair and Kurama was sitting on the floor.

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As usual Yusuke and Kuwabara were cracking up while Hiei was blowing a strand of hair out of his face. I'm all yours" Hiei chuckled as he mounted the bed, swinging a leg over Kurama's body, sitting comfortably on his lap. He had three pages of English homework to do, and which he wasn't getting anywhere on. Looking back to his lover, he found him gyrating his hips wildly to try and cum. Your flowers are possessed and moved to a different place! And they beat yusuke countless times in all those times from him trying to make it a 3 some.

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I don't care if he hates me! Now why does all this seem familier somehow? There where no more cookies left so he stood up, and brushed the crums off his chest. Yuskey and Kuabbara are roomies. No that wounld be nessecary.

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