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If you know any other places or spots where Cruising can be practised in Princeton Junction, you can add them to the map and share them with the rest of gay people through this link: Impersonal sex in public places by Laud Humphreys and Lee Rainwater. One or two days of the month were the US Park Police docket days when they had hearings for all the arrests and citations on federal parkland in Northern Virginia, this included all the enforcement activity at the cruise-y spots. Am I totally off base to think that this sort of cruising had a real "golden age" in the seventies and early eighties in the sense that there was a lot more of it going on, in more locations, and with more people involved? Risky as hell but they weren't really guys who could risk being seen in a bar.

It was published inthe "golden age" you mention.

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Princeton Gay Cruising Areas

The book you want to read is Tearoom Trade: White collar and younger shoppers. That may be a resource to check out. Also this post could use the tag "cottaging". I assumed that there would be significant differences. After a strong warning about how dangerous cruising is in the Middle East, for example, the guide lists toilets in Syria and Kuwait.

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Craig allegedly did to make themselves more alluring. But I'm assuming that there must be something I don't understand that makes it safer than Russian roulette. The basic answer to "how could this work? It's not like craigslist or bars or whatever don't have an element of danger to them, too. Maybe there are less than I expected, though, to judge by the answers so far.