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Thomas convinces Lord Grantham that this is proof of Alfred's not being ready for the job. According to Mr Carson, Jimmy has every right to report Thomas to the police. Thomas angrily tells her not to pity him. Thomas develops feelings for a patient, Lieutenant Edward Courtenaywhile Edward us recovering from gas-blindness. This ends in Thomas kissing Jimmy whilst Alfred happens to see everything.

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He was actually being kind to her.

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He becomes particularly persistent when he hears something bad has happened to Anna, making Baxter uncomfortable. However, Thomas's concern for Jimmy and his sigh as Jimmy leaves for Lady Anstruther's room confirm that Thomas's feelings for Jimmy haven't changed. She tells Jimmy that unless he insists that someone like Thomas cannot be allowed to go to another respectable position, people will think that he is sympathetic and then they might suspect him of encouraging Thomas's advances. Thomas realizes that his fellow footman William has feelings for kitchen maid Daisy and is planning to ask her to go to the fair.

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In result, he is beaten and robbed in James's place, after the latter runs away and leaves him there.

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