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LGBT folks are constitutionally guaranteed the same rights as any other Americans regardless of how or why they got that way. I think being gay is biologic. To achieve this, he would offer tax credits for buying insurance and an option for year-olds to buy coverage through Medicare. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Click here for more info. When Goldberg handed the envelope to Richardson, he allegedly told Goldberg to "Tell the big guy [Stewart Wolmark] I'm going to hire you guys". Confirmations of Barack Obama's Cabinet.

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Its sooo anti american.

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Religion and Politics ’08: Bill Richardson

Here are some simple facts: It has to do with attraction. The debate was broadcast on the Logo cable channel and co-sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign. But only Ohio Rep. Richardson spent 14 years in Congress, representing the country's most diverse district and holding 2, town meetings.

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Archived from the original PDF on April 14, Lets see why am I attracted to women, and not a yeti. Cabinet Secretary of State Warren M. A marriage is about a spiritual ceremony. Just remember our country gave me freedom to choose so move on to something that matters such as war, child neglect, or even start with the basics by treating all of us with equality.

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