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I just saw him on Ellen, and oh my lord the man is so gay. Another female student of the time remembers an Esquire party: Interesting question. View Newsmax Mobile. Or Rush Limbaugh.

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This New World.

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An adventurer, Charlie DeLay flew escort planes in World War II and later broke horses, ran a tool shop, and failed as a rancher in Arkansas before becoming an oil wildcatter, supervising drilling operations in Venezuela, where the family lived for seven years in a kind of higher nomadism, moving from site to site. At first the bill looked dead—in fact was dead, after voting got under way late one night, with the tally showing a two-vote majority for the nays. In May51 Texas Democrats fled the Capitol and crossed the state line into Oklahoma so as to prevent a vote.

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From his perspective, however, everything unfolded according to plan.

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