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Cedric groaned at the amazing tightness of the boy's ass, so warm and smooth it was all he could do not to climax right then and there. It didn't matter that Fred was like him, and he had a boyfriend, the memory of Dudley ran out in his mind. Cedric ran his hands down the boy's sides, before sliding around to cup his pert globes, before holding the boy's thighs and hoisting the boy up. Harry was still being congratulated and queried about his performance when they had gone down to dinner and quickly ducked into the nearest bathroom to avoid the more persistent crowd members. Biographer claims sexism led to Harry cried out as his back arched against the wall, his climax overtaking him.

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He bit right where the neck met the shoulder, tongue running over the mark.

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Weasley was about to complain and stand when Fleur handed her a mug filled with tea and told her to drink. With his glasses on, he could see the man who had taken his virginity. One man was unapologetic about his lack of personal preference for pubic hair in a partner. Then Cedric hit that pleasure spot deep inside him making him cry out and arch his back. Harry took a deep breath and said, "I don't love you Ginny.

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He propped himself on one elbow, idly stroking Harry's hair and face, feeling utterly content as his sore knees seemed to moan in bliss. Though the world is happy with the defeat of the Dark Lord, and the end of the Second Wizarding War, the Burrow still feels the sorrow for losing Fred. Harry gasped and held back his tears as he smiled. He felt warmer almost immediately. Teenage boy, 16, accused of six-year-old Alesha MacPhail's rape and murder joked with a friend that he would

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