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We comb through each address and help you format each one to match the formality of your event. John Smith" or "Mrs. Addressing to Gay and Lesbian Couples November 7, In this scenario, you can put the two names on one line and separate them by "and. Addressing One to a Gay or Lesbian Couple? There are a few ways to address your wedding invitation to a gay or lesbian couple, and it depends on the formality of your invitation.

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Dan Smith and Mr.

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Ask the Etiquette Masters: Addressing to Gay and Lesbian Couples

When in doubt, consider asking the couple for their preferred greeting. The inner envelope would look very similar with each title and last name on a separate line:. Addressing to Gay and Lesbian Couples November 7, If the couple is married, the names should appear on the same line as you would use with a heterosexual couple, even if they do not share the same last name. Again, you might consider ordering the names alphabetically. Joan comes before Theresa alphabetically. On the inside envelope, use titles and last names:

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Dan Smith and Mr. Dan Brown and Mr. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sarah Norris and Mrs. Brides and grooms inviting a same-sex couple to their wedding may wonder about the proper way to address the invitation. Here is an example for how a married couple would appear on the outer envelope:. How to Address Wedding Invitations.

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