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Among attendees, MSM who went to public cruising areas only were least likely, and those who went to both public cruising areas and bathhouses were most likely to report risky sex in public settings. Chi-square tests were used to evaluate the association between attending a sex venue either baths or public cruising areas in the past 12 months and various correlates, including demographic characteristics, HIV status, drug usage, and a gross index of HIV risk behavior. Men who reported use of any 1 of the 4 party drugs and unprotected anal intercourse with a nonprimary partner were more likely to visit these sex venues than were men who did not report these behaviors. At about 4 p. This suggests that the interaction between the individual and the environment is a more likely explanation for sexual risk behavior than explanations based solely on the individual.

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This report investigates differences in risk behaviors among men who have sex with men MSM who went to gay bathhouses, public cruising areas, or both.

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San Francisco Bathhouses & Sex Clubs

Gay baths and the social organization of impersonal sex. At about 4 p. Often, the men said, they're just looking for oral sex. Conducting HIV prevention in baths would reach bathers, but also the men who report the most risky behavior, multivenue users. This was the area where, in JulySan Francisco resident David Borowy, 55, was found dead with his pants down around his ankles.

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The tavern is surprisingly small, but have a drink here before heading over a couple of blocks to the amusingly named Big Gay Ice Cream Shop — where the line often stretches out the door. Woods participated in the conception and design of the paper, contributed to the interpretation, wroted sections of the paper, and assisted in revising the paper. Gay men report high rates of unprotected anal sex with partners of unknown or discordant HIV status. A spokesman for the agency didn't provide comment for this story. With growing acceptance of marriage equality and an increase in the number of gay families, cruise lines have taken notice of this community and have added programming of interest to LGBTQ travelers and increased their staff sensitivity training. Men of color generally reported attending these venues more than did Whites.

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