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It isn't a huge deal but after 6 years together it eats away at you and becomes extremely grating. Less expected was the issue of two women who had bonded over their love of feline friends. I understand much of it is from ignorance, they genuinely don't understand how I can have a baby with another woman, but you know what, google it. I wouldn't ask her if her and her husband had some good old P in V, and how many times, before they conceived. Just ask a scholar in feminist studies if that statement is true. Donald Trump.

gay couple with problems
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Why do women always have to go to the toilet together?

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HuffPost Personal. But they think it's okay in order to get definitive proof of someone's sexuality. So, how do gay couples settle it when they want to play the same role? If they chose a third party in the relationship, would there be space for loyalty left?

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They should make them understand the situation.

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