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It makes clear that no clergy would be required to perform same-sex marriage. Institute on Religion and Democracy. Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective and add more content related to non-recent events. Retrieved from " https: The church opposes legislation which makes homosexual conduct or life-style legitimate.

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Based on its teaching, the United Methodist Church officially prohibits the blessing of weddings of same-sex couples by its clergy and in its churches.

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The Church and Human Sexuality

Conference calls on the Methodist people to begin a pilgrimage of faith to combat repression and discrimination, to work for justice and human rights and to give dignity and worth to people whatever their sexuality. The Conference, affirming the joy of human sexuality as God's gift and the place of every human being within the grace of God, recognises the responsibility that flows from this for us all. Institute on Religion and Democracy. The denomination is supportive of LGBT inclusion. The Evangelical Methodist Church maintains that the biblical record condemns homosexuality as evidenced in Leviticus The Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churchesof which the Italian Methodist Church is a part of, voted in to bless same-sex relationships.

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All practices of sexuality, which are promiscuous, exploitative or demeaning in any way are unacceptable forms of behaviour and contradict God's purpose for us all. Inthe church voted "to offer the prospect of blessing services for same-sex couples", but in the church voted to step back but did offer "informal, private prayers to couples". The denomination officially stated that Methodists may enter into same-sex marriages and that "prayers of thanksgiving or celebration may be said, and there may be informal services of thanksgiving or celebration". When an elder or a minister shall have been convicted of the crime of fornication, adultery, or homosexual activity, he or she shall be expelled from the Connection and shall never be restored to membership in the Connection; and the Connection shall not receive from any church anyone who has been convicted of these crimes after entering the ministry. British Methodism holds a variety of views, and permits ministers to bless same-gender marriages.

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