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It makes people think it is fine to discriminate against homosexuals and even to kill and beat them. We have to welcome these people into our community. Kenya may not decriminalize same sex unions at this stage as such acts are considered as taboo and offences against the order of nature which are repugnant to cultural values and morality. But he refuses to quit his work. Further, Article 27 4 prohibits discrimination on the grounds of "sex". LGBIs are discriminated, stigmatised and subjected to violence because of their sexual orientation. Whenever I felt the temptation, I would pray or do manual work to expend the energy.

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They have a right to safe sex.

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One man against the world: Denis Nzioka shares his ‘colourful’ tales of being a Kenyan gay

In many ways, being in a gay relationship is not any different from heterosexual relationships. Gays here are just outcasts. Now I focus my activism online, rather than putting myself at risk with public demonstrations. Without being allowed to complete the therapy, transgender people suffer identity problems since they are biologically either male or female, yet they present themselves in one of the gender by mode of dressing, personality expressions or through other socially defined roles. Retrieved from " https: The Day in Photos.

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LGBIs are also unable to access spiritual nourishment from the society because they are labelled as evil and the teachings in places of worship interpret LGBI activities as unnatural and unacceptable. Despite the repercussions, Nzioka considers himself quite lucky. Until such time that public opinion will change, the Government has tried to accord certain protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender The health care providers are not friendly and hardly understand their sexual and reproductive health needs. Music pounds from an old radio and a plastic figurine of a beatific, blonde, blue-eyed Jesus swings from a rear-view mirror.

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