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Not even the chubby chasers want him. Speaking of entertainment, your blog does it so wonderfully well. I also disagree with your conclusion about Cliff. Army in its desperation to meet recruitment quotas, we have some standards. We don't want him.

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Sam was and always will be the finest heterosexual crush ever to grace Bravo.

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Page Six Doesn't Watch Top Chef

As for Michael "Beer Bong" Midgleywe have two words for you: We won't take just anyone. Those gents were compelling as hell, and hotness had something to do with it. Amuse-Biatch Amuse-Biatch follow me on Twitter. Or so we thought. Oy, where to start?

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For God's sake, he recognized the lead guitarist for Extreme. I also disagree with your conclusion about Cliff. And then there's Marcel. And while we're at it, we don't want Sam Talbot either. Our borders are closed. Gay, straight, neutral, bi.

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